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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Helpful websites

This is the website for the Danish National Research Foundation: Center for Subjectivity Research: This is where Joel will be spending most of his time. And, for those of you planning your trips to Copenhagen, here is a helpful website:

This is a test...

This posting is really just a test so I can learn how to post pictures... but this is me and Joel while we watched the Texas A&M band march to the capitol for the big football game last Thanksgiving. We won't discuss who actually won the game... but it was great fun to be there!

Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to our blog. Please be patient with us... this is our first blog! But, we will try to keep it updated and loaded with pictures, especially once we arrive in Copenhagen.

Moving to Copenhagen

Joel has accepted a two year fellowship with the Danish National Research Foundation: Center for Subjectivity Research in Copenhagen, Denmark. He will move to Copenhagen in early June. We are still working on my plans – I am still teaching here at SIUC. I hope to join him in Copenhagen for at least a year, if not longer.

We don’t have many more details, but will keep you posted as our plans materialize. Visitors to Copenhagen are always welcomed!