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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We did it for the "yoots"

Ok, mystery solved. Evidently, this is what we were tear gassed over two weekends ago:

Somehow it was a bit sexier not knowing why we were protesting, exactly.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Copenhagen! Are you ready for some football?!?

So I initially had planned to do a bit of solitary blogging this evening. Robyn is traveling, which means that I get to control the blog for a few days. I have a few reasonably amusing anecdotes to relate (teaser: one involves a petite Danish woman demonstrating her ability to hock loogies like a 300lb construction worker right at my feet). However, I was just doing a bit of mindless channel surfing--flipping through channel after channel of the strained gurgling and choking that passes for the Danish language whilst waiting for literary inspiration to hit--when, all of the sudden, I stumbled upon the Cowboys-Patriots game! It's just started. Woo-hoo!

The announcers are of course calling the game in Danish. And the garish set they keep coming back to during TV timeouts looks like it was designed and slapped together by a high school drama department. But it's the Cowboys, baby! No complaints from me.

...and the Patriots just scored on their first possession: Brady to Moss.

Not a good start.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

...and then we were tear gassed!

Another Saturday, another revolution.

Today was an especially beautiful day. The sky was a deep blue, perfectly clear. The air was crisp but not overly cool. Robyn and I were enjoying a lazy afternoon in our flat when we both suddenly became aware of some noise: a mixture of shrill techno music and sporadic chants and cheers. Quickly, the music and cheering became much louder. It was clear that something rather big was going down on the normally quiet street around the corner from our flat. So, we went out onto the balcony to investigate. Here's a video of what we saw (be sure to listen to what the male voice is saying):

There was a revolution unfolding beneath our balcony! Naturally, Robyn and I had to run down and participate--despite the fact that we had no idea what we where fighting for. However, it was a chance to stick it to The Man--how often do those come along?--and we definitely wanted a piece of that action.

Here we are, fighting with our fellow Copenhagians for truth, justice, and the Danish Way:

Even Moby joined the fight! (This would also explain the shrill techno that pounded away for most of the afternoon).

Bicycles and rickety floats provided critical ground support during the conflict (note also the bloodthirsty spectators leering from the balconies):

Tractors also played a crucial role. Look at the brave soldier at the helm of this impressive machine, calmly nursing a beer as he awaits his fate!

Precise tactical coordination is critical for an operation this large. Here, a field officer pauses to establish contact with other leaders and plot our next move:

This soldier brazenly peers into the face of the enemy. We all drew inspiration from his defiant act!

Just as our human river of resistance was gaining momentum, however, The Man swooped in to shut us down. If you look carefully at the picture below, you should be able to see the gently billowing clouds of tear gas that soon (thanks to several unfortunate gusts of wind) consumed us all.

The "Politi" has decided that enough was enough. The massive crowd began a hasty retreat. With burning throats and watery eyes, Robyn and I decided to put a hold on our social activism for the rest of the day and to talk a stroll through a more peaceful part of town. We tried to ignore the sneers of our fellow freedom fighters as we made our way out of the battle zone and into a park a safe distance from the chaos. It really was a beautiful evening!

Some hours later, we returned to find the battle zone deserted. The streets of sleepy Frederiksberg had returned to normal.

Though we're still not sure what we're fighting for, Robyn and I have both recommitted to the cause. The Man will not keep us down! We will not give up the fight! The next time a spontaneous social revolution breaks out on the street beneath our flat, we will be in the middle of it--tear gas be damned!

For now, however, we're off to have some pizza and beer.