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Thursday, September 27, 2007

On their way home...

We had more visitors this week! My parents arrived last Thursday, Sept. 21. They left for the airport this morning--though not without some taxi drama; more on that later--and their flight should have just taken off. Thus begins the long trek back to Carlsbad. We all had a great time, and there's much to tell. While they did a few "touristy" things, most of our time was spent giving them a taste of everyday life here in Copenhagen. However, since Robyn is a much more polished blogger than I am, I'll simply post a few photographs for now and let her provide the "full report" a bit later.

We enjoyed our final meal together last night at a lovely Italian restaurant downtown (see the picture above). Robyn and I haven't eaten out all that much during the short time we've lived in Copenhagen, so my parents' visit was a good excuse to explore some different eateries. The restaurant was near one of the canals on perhaps the most famous street in all of Copenhagen. It's just out of frame in the picture to the right, which was snapped a couple of days before our meal.

Here's a shot of Mom and Dad near the city center, with the theater in the background:

And here's a shot of Mom and Robyn shopping very intently at a Saturday flea market:

Unbelievably, neither of them bought anything that day!

We've mentioned before that the people here in Copenhagen are quite handsome. On Saturday, we enjoyed a evening drink in one of the coolest bars in the city: The Library Bar. While there, we were able to discreetly capture a photograph of two of Copenhagen's more dashing specimens. We quickly took this shot right before they were overwhelmed by a flood of giggling schoolgirls, all frantically vying for an autograph.

In fact, here are two of them...

We all had a great time. We're very fortunate to have such loving families who come all the way to Denmark to spend time with us!

More pictures and stories soon!

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