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Monday, February 18, 2008

Oh, Happy Danes!

The following short clip (sent to us by an American pal) is interesting, if for no other reason than the fleeting reference to the happy Danes at the end—including a shot of the ice skating rink at City Center in Copenhagen. Several of you have now had your picture taken next to this rink (or garden, for those of you who visited in the warmer months). Ron probably remembers it as that large circle of ice next to the tiny little stand where he was able to buy several of the bestest, most awesomest hotdogs in the history of the whole world:

Robyn and I can attest that we are now happier people having lived in Denmark. Of course, we’ve developed eating disorders and various body-image pathologies trying to fit in with these ultra-thin, ultra-fashionable, ultra-hip Danes. But we’re happier. Just hungrier.


Erik said...

Have to ask, is there a correlation between happiness and looking good?
Judging by these pictures then you guys are VERY HAPPY!

Joel said...

Nice. Erik, you are officially invited to come stay with us as long as you like.