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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen...

After a long, dark, winter, we experienced the sunniest May on record! Yep, it's official. This was the sunniest May since they began keeping records in 1920. And, June has been perfect so far!
I wish I could describe how beautiful Copenhagen is when the sun is shinning. The sky is a color of blue that seems impossible to be real. The green of the trees makes the most beautiful contrast against the nearly cloudless, blue sky. The sun is so strong you can actually feel it on your skin... like a warm bath. And, in fact, you have to be careful or you will get a sunburn just walking around town!
Copenhagen is full of flowers -- everywhere you turn -- bursting with brilliant color.
And, the best part is that we have over 18 hours of sunlight each day. It is 23:27 and the sky is a deep, dark blue, and the sunset is still clearly visible.
Copenhageners make the most of every minute of sunlight. Cafes put tables out on the sidewalk, parks and gardens are filled with sunbathers (in all kind of attire!), and everyone is out enjoying the city. And, people are even smiling at each other! Shocking!
May is clearly our reward for surviving the dark winter -- and a glorious reward it is! Enjoy a few pics from around town!
To the left is a picture of sunset off our balcony. The picture below is from the cemetery where Kierkegaard is buried.

This tulip is in Charlottenlund Have. The Oresund Sound is at the end of the grass... look deep into the picture!

From Frederiksberg Have.

Another view from Frederiksberg Have.

The beach at Oresund Sound.

Another view of Kierkegaard Assistens.

Frederiksberg Have.


ron remke said...

It looks beautiful. So, why am I not visiting now?

Robyn said...

Ronnie, come on over! This is the best time of year! You are welcome any time :)