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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

An extra year in Copenhagen

Today I officially resigned my position at the Center for Subjectivity Research. As of this moment, I am no longer funded by the Danish National Research Foundation (DNRF).

But never fear, fans and true believers: I'm not going anywhere. For the next year, I will be funded by the DISCOS European research network: I will then resume my DNRF fellowship next July, which will extend to July 2010. In other words, Robyn and I are extending our time in Denmark by (at least) one more year. This is possible because another postdoc at the Center accepted a prestigious full-time position in France and will be leaving soon. I am taking over the remaining year of her DISCOS fellowship, which entails my (temporarily) resigning my DNRF fellowship.

Practically speaking, nothing will really change other than the source of my funding. I will remain at the Center and continue doing what I do (and no, I still can't say precisely what that is, so don't ask). I will travel a bit more throughout Europe, participating in various DISCOS events. Robyn will remain at CBS, much to their delight. We will continue to be baffled by the Danish language and certain esoteric Danish cultural practices, as well as their insatiable enthusiasm for pickled herring. But most importantly, we get to stay in Copenhagen for a while longer. And that makes us very happy.

Those of you who've yet to come visit now have no excuse (Travis and Kelly, we're looking at you).

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Rochelle said...

what?!? this is on the blog before I get a personal notification?! I'm hurt.

;) Congrats on the extra year! Now I have time to get there when it's not so friggin' cold!