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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Shout out to Mom and Dad!

I want to take this opportunity to give a shout out to my parents, Ron and Kathy,

who are currently the guardians to our doggies, Lola Mae and Bodhi.

Our dogs are precious to us and I miss them very much. But, as much as I want them to come over to Copenhagen, Joel and I have decided to keep our doggies with my parents because we know it is best for them. Bodhi and Lola Mae have a huge backyard to play in, a large house to rule, and plenty of lovely couches, pillows, and rugs on which to chew. My parents spoil them rotten. In fact, when we first arrived in Austin at 3am after driving from Carbondale, my parents greeted the doggies with the biggest box doggie treats I’ve ever seen.

Recently my parents experienced a long night. No, they didn’t stay up watching the election results… they roamed their neighborhood looking for Bodhi, who earlier decided he needed to visit a few nearby friends. Shiba Inus are not like other dogs who will come when you call them. Shibas are fiercely independent and love a good game of tag. And, apparently that is what my parents played – for hours – the other night. Finally, they gave up and went to bed, but left the latch to the backyard gate open in case Bodhi decided to return. And, like a good doggie, he did… around 3 in the morning. While my parents weren’t thrilled with Bodhi’s adventure, I think they should be pleased. Much like they did with their own children, the are helping to grow a puppy into an independent young dog who has the self-confidence to go explore, knowing that my parents will always leave the gate unlatched for when Bodhi wants to come home. And, clearly, he has a good home. You should be so proud!

Many thanks to my parents who take great care of my doggies… we miss you all!

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Brian said...

Wow, I didn't realize you guys had dogs. I thought Joel was only interested in animals that can fly.