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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Out and About (Slowly!) with Marsha and Si

Having my parents live in Copenhagen for a few months has afforded an unaccustomed luxury: being able to spend some extended leisure time with them.

Normally, trips back to the US are rather frenetic affairs. Enjoyable, yes. But there's a palpable pressure to pack as much high-speed "memory making" into our brief visits as possible, knowing that we'll soon be very far away and not likely to return for quite a while. We often come back to Copenhagen feeling that we blasted through our visit in fast-forward. So, it's been wonderful to actually spend some slow motion time with Marsha and Si.

For example, one of their first weekends in Denmark--during an uncharacteristically warm stretch (thank you global warming!)--we enjoyed a relaxed picnic on the beach near our flat. Pics here.

More recently, we dined at one of our new favorite Copenhagen haunts: Nimb Vinotek, a cozy wine and tapas restaurant just around the corner from Tivoli. Deliciously slowmo pics here


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