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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Banned from Work

There is one thing that you will notice as soon as you land at the Copenhagen airport: Danes are beautiful. Men are handsome, women are stunning and even the children are cute. And, as if their genetic superiority isn't enough, the Danes are very stylish. This is apparent as soon as you leave your building and have to step aside for a woman flying by on her bicycle wearing Gucci "Jackie O" sunglasses, a silk scarf blowing behind her, and stiletto heels. Even the women who wear flats (no doubt because they are now fashionable and not because they are easier to walk in on cobble stoned streets!) wear them with fashionable skirts and coats that make them appear as if they just walked off a Milan runway. What is important to remember is that these women look like this on their way to work... on their way to shopping... in the rain... in the wind... it does not matter. And you will never see them wearing a rain hat. Looking good and stylish is a priority in Denmark. And, I, in my efforts to be comfortable, do not fit it. This brings me to the title of today's blog: Banned from Work.

I was pulled aside by an American colleague whose lived in Denmark for 8 years. He explained to me that the shoes I was wearing -- my Dansko leather clogs, were not stylish enough for a Danish workplace.

It was then confirmed by two other colleagues who confirmed that clogs were only for summer homes -- not work. They just aren't stylish enough.

I should add that this conversation took place just hours after a conversation about Danish shopping. I commented that I was still getting used to having to shop several times a week. I mentioned that I would like to get a cart so I can carry more things home with me. A colleague began to laugh and, after much prodding, finally admitted that only "old ladies" used those carts. And, he is right! No one uses the carts. They either use their bikes or load down their arms so they look like pack mules walking home with their daily pick. All this so they don't look out of fashion. Style at all costs.

So, when you come to visit... bring your most stylish wardrobe and some bandaids for the blisters!


Joel said...

I, for one, will shed no tears if those shoes are finally banished to the back of the closet, never to be let out again. As an individual blessed with a natural style and acute fashion sense, I applaud your candid co-workers. Please let those shoes die a natural death.

Robyn said...

Well, let the record show that I am now in need of a new pair of shoes! Guess who is going shopping this weekend! Stroget here I come!

bprell said...

I like your shoes!!! COMFY LOOKING!

Rebecca said...

Yikes. Robyn getting a style lecture?! But you're my style guru. If you're in trouble, well, then, I'll need a style makeover to come visit. on the other hand, why would I care? (unless I'm trying to give a research talk and need the street cred.)
and btw those are my sister's absolutely favorite brand of shoes. She has about 8 pair. (In her defense she stands up all day at work). I covet her (and now Robyn's) shoes.

Joel said...

Out of all Robyn's posts, THIS is the one that generates the most discussion?!? I'm not sure what to make of that.

Rebecca said...

Hey, the hail storm was neat too. but what do you say? "cool!" ? :P

P.S. Thank you for contributing to my procrastination plan.

Mochelle said...

a little behind the times -
but i'm finding the same thing in nyc. however at least new yorkers are ok with you wearing tennis shoes with your suit to and from work. =)