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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Guess who's 27 years old today!!!

That's right... it's Baby Boy Ronnie... although at 27 I guess he isn't really a baby boy anymore! But, he will always be our baby brother!

Happy Birthday Ron!
This is a picture of Ron and his girlfriend, Lori in Austin, Texas.
Check out Ron's homepage at


Ron said...

zero comments?!?! I'm surprised the banks and schools are open.

Mochelle said...

I'll make a comment, just to make Ron feel a little more loved.

Joel said...

Calling out family members for not posting fast enough on a post dedicated to your birthday??? Wow. Just, wow. Someone needs to get back in front of an adoring audience, and soon.

Erm, right. Happy birthday and stuff, too, buck-o.

Marsha K said...

HAPPY B'Day late. I hope this is your best year ever. I'm still waiting for a visit in California. The invitation is always open. Marsha {Joel's Mom]