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Monday, January 28, 2008

Copenhagen is Celebrating

Well, you all in the States may not know this, but Copenhagen is celebrating today... in usual Danish style. The Danish men's Handball Team won the world championship last night. In case you don't know, handball is a strange mixture of basketball, hockey, and soccer. It is a crazy game -- very face-paced and brutal. It so fun to watch on TV. This is the first time the men's team has won a championship (the women won a few years ago).

So, how does Denmark celebrate? Well, it starts at the airport (and I know this because I am home with the flu and turned on the TV earlier today). All the Danish television channels showed the plane containing the Danish Men's Handball Team landing and then surrounded by grounds crew waiving Danish flags. The airport was packed with fans and then the team went to the town square (Radhuspladsen) where they were met by thousands of fans. The team members were greeted by the Crown Prince and then treated to a huge fireworks display.

The city is alive with celebration and we are excited to be part of it... even if we don't really "get" handball.

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JMT said...

I saw the crew coming back from the airport. The police escort stopped traffic and stopped me from biking home last night for a bit. Everyone was standing and waving, and I had to join in.