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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Creepy Flour Dude

Whilst slapping together some solo dinner tonight (Robyn's in the States at a conference), I happened to notice this chap leering down at me from the back of a bag of flour (click on the photo for a disturbing close-up):

That's not a particularly comforting face. I don't want to know what this guy was doing right before this picture was taken. Nor do I want to know what he put in my flour.

I'm guessing it wasn't an extra helpin' of TLC.


Rochelle said...

Joel -- you're really quite bored when Robyn's not around, aren't you?! ;)

Magpie Girl said...

He is so scary! I'm home alone at night and kinda freaked out now Joel!

Joel said...

Sorry to freak you out! At least you have Sammy to protect you.