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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Patrice and Kultur Natten

When I advise my students about graduate school there are two things I always recommend: go to the best school you get into and find an advisor you trust. I am very blessed to have Patrice Buzzanell as my advisor. And, yes, I did graduate, but like parents, advisors are advisors for life :)

I was fortunate enough to have Patrice visit CBS the second week of October. She attended several research presentations, taught two classes, and met all of my colleagues. She was, as you can imagine, a wonderful guest.

And, I had a great time showing her my new home town. As it turns out, Patrice's last night in Copenhagen was Kultur Natten (Culture Night). Kultur Natten is a city-wide celebration of culture. Museums, parks, government buildings, theatres, etc. stay open all night and people are out and about enjoying the city. We made the most of the night (although we did end our night around 1am). Here are a few pictures from Kulture Natten:

Joel and I took Patrice to one of our favorite resturants, Spiseloppen located in Christiania. The food is excellent and the decore traditional Danish. And, the entrance is up these steps...

After our dinner we went to the Royal Library where they hosted several musical performers. The Royal Library is called the "black diamond" because of its diamond shape and the black granite used to build it. The building is beautiful and fun to tour.

Patrice and I are looking at the 36 page Kulture Natten program, plotting our next move...

We decided to get some drinks (chilled pear cider from Sweden -- yum!) and walk ALL OVER the city... just soaking up the fun!

Patrice did find the Museum Erotica... but decided not to take the tour...

It was a great night and a great visit! Thanks, Patrice for a wonderful week!

Here are a few more pictures of our night:

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