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Saturday, February 28, 2009

No more snow

Alas, the snow is gone. For now, at least. 

Copenhagen doesn't get as much snow as people tend to think. But a few recent snowfalls--along with an unseasonable run of brilliantly sunny days--made for an abundance of picturesque scenes out and about town. The snow even brought a touch of charm (but only a touch, mind you!) to the University of Copenhagen campus where I work--a thoroughly sleek and modern, but aesthetically sterile and, frankly dull, assemblage of drab hues and stark geometries that looks rather like a corporate campus instead of a university.

But for a short time last week, it was actually pretty. 


naomi said...

Alas, the bar you are sipping a beer in looks pretty sterile as well. My bars have an S word ambience too-ahh, I think its referred to as shoddy.

Joel said...

Ha! Yes, that's the bar that one can have a drink in at the end of the Carlsberg Brewery tour. A rustic pub it's not. But I'll take "shoddy" over "sterile" any time!