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Sunday, November 11, 2007


A few moments ago, Robyn was sitting on the couch, idly surfing the 'net and gazing at pictures of baby shiba inus--this is her favorite Sunday (and Monday, and Tuesday, etc.) evening pastime--when all of a sudden she let out a shriek. I assumed that she'd found yet another "Cutest Baby Shiba Inu EVAH!!!" picture that I had to come see. Rather than pointing at the computer screen, however, she was pointing out our window, mouth agape. Here's a short video of what we saw:

Snow! It's continuing to fall as I type. If this keeps up, Robyn should have an interesting time riding to school tomorrow morning on her new bike (more on that in another post)...

EDIT: So Google Blogs is being a bit cranky at the moment, resulting in some problems with video uploads. Since the video isn't showing up, I'll post some blurry pictures of the snow tonight instead. Just pretend that the blur is intentional and that the pictures are "artsy".

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