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Monday, November 26, 2007

Robyn Rides Her Bike

This is Robyn:

This is Robyn and her new bike:

Robyn likes her new bike! It is black and shiny, and has a bell that goes "Ring! Ring!". Robyn's bike also has a big basket in the front. Robyn puts lots of things in her basket. She rides her bike almost everywhere she goes. When she rides her bike, Robyn sits up very high, like a princess in her carriage.

Here is the store where Robyn bought her bike:

One day, Robyn went down to this store to look at bikes. A little later, Robyn gave a nice man some money. Then, the nice man let her ride away on her new black bike. It was a very exciting day!

Here is Robyn riding her bike. Look at her ride around the big truck!

Ride, Robyn, ride!

Do you like to ride your bike? Robyn sure does!

Ride, Robyn, ride!


Anonymous said...

GREAT BLOG! Ride on Robyn.

Bryan said...

Very cute!

Winter in Denmark looks nice. Still no snow back in Carbondale.

The TFA interview went great, I will know if I'm accepted on January 7th. Thanks so much for your help.

Mariel said...

Well written article.